Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holiday in Miri Marriott Resort&Spa

Miri Marriott Hotel

after check out from marriot hotel,the kids cant wait for their daddy to take them home

rayyan pose at hotel lobby - peace!!

hot mama - huh perasan!!

its me!...danish the menace..i can rock the world!!

Well, yesterday was a very hectic day..just got back from Miri. Shopping and Holiday.The 1st nite we stayed at IMperiall Hotel. The room was comfy even no view as there's a bit misunderstanding over our hotel reservation. The kids was running, laughing and playing like there's no tomorrow..huh and papa was yelling again and again..hahaha..

The next day,shopping activity. I got myself Polo handbag and Applemints jeans..well its 50% need to think twice.Just grab it hihi..and of course for papa, black Texan jeans..for Raya. I bet u gonna wear it before raya la yang :)..for danish 2 new Tommee Tippee bottles for u..Rayyan - a pair of Cheetah Junior slack and t shirt..others- as usual toys ler..

Afterthat, check in at Miri Marriot Hotel Resort & Spa. The room was impressive,superb and tiptop. Our usual activity here was swimming at swimming ler more like main air jew..Danish was really happy to be in the swimming pool but of course papa need to hold him tight otherwise he'll jump alone..we were worried as he's a bit active..there's a few times he almost slipped from our hands.

The next day..check out and went straight home..home sweet home..finally.

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