Thursday, January 20, 2011


really cant wait for the season 8 premier of NCIS on Fox channel this coming 5th February...

Actually dah lama aku minat citer ni sejak kat UNi lg but back then, no tv missed a few episode..back then, i was like crazy in love with Agent Leroy Jethro Gibss..who doesnt?? hahah..even my lil sis pun fall in love ngan dia nih..ahaks..but not forgetting the juvenile tony and sweet geeky mcgee...luv mcgee very much!!

Now,dah tua2 nih sambung balik tgk citer nih kat Fox Channel and its brings back the good memories..even season 7 dah abis tp Fox kuarkan citer2 lama dari season 1 pukul 8 mlm je aku dah standby kat dpn tv..ahaks! sblm tu dah siap2 msk & mkn mlm..even mr. hubby pun ckp aku dah obsess tahap gaban..kuang..kuang..kuang..really cant help myself ;)

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